TL Logistics Management Software : Frequently asked questions

Kinds of Shippers Use TL Logistics Management Software?

In most cases, shipping companies that regularly produce enough products to fill a full semi movie trailer use truckload logistics software, as “TL” refers to truckload, or full semi movie trailer. However, it’s important to note that TL logistics software actually refers to a service option within logistics software all together. In other words, companies that have less than truckload (LTL) shipping needs and use logistics software to meet them can have a TL logistics option added to their package at a later time, specially if their software operates on a software as a service (SaaS) model.

Does it Add up to combine LTL and TL Management in the Same Package?

A company can have as many logistics management options within a software package as it wants. But the fact that more options result in higher fees usually deters companies from adding more options than they presently need. However, if a company can benefit from Less than truckload having its LTL shipments combined into TL shipments and transported to a break station, then having LTL and TL shipping options within the same package could be beneficial.

Is it Far better to Implement Logistics Software on a SaaS or an internal Basis?

And some companies have policies that want software methods of be implemented on internal basis, most companies be given the greatest benefit from implementing logistics software on a SaaS model. To implement the software on an internal basis, you typically incur the following costs, which are eliminated by SaaS: software purchase, hardware purchase, system maintenance fees and system upgrade costs. In addition, implementing logistics software as a web-based application offers the main advantage of letting system users access the device from any Internet port worldwide, whereas internal solutions function such as an intranet.

Can TL Logistics Management Software Replace the necessity for a Logistics Expert?

Possibly the greatest false impression about logistics software is that you need expertise in logistics to use it. On the contrary, logistics-software does the work of a logistics expert, presenting a shipper with optimized shipping options across the entire shipping process. One of the primary selling points of logistics-software is the remarkable value that it brings to the logistics function, which comes from its replacing the need to hire in house logistics experts or advanced alternative logistics (3PL) providers.

Isn’t 3PL the Still Best option If you wish to Talk With a Logistics Expert?

The top grouse of 3PL customers is that they feel kept externally of the shipping process due to lack of contact with their 3PL provider. Furthermore, most providers of logistics-software allow their customers the option discussing logistics issues whenever necessary. With logistics software, you essentially become your own logistics provider, which is as on the logistics function as you can get.

In my research on TL shipping solutions, I’ve encountered several frequently asked questions about logistics management software.

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